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Disable NIC via RILOE

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Disable NIC via RILOE

Hello everyone,

I need to know if I should be able to enable/disable a server network card by using an ILO card and RILOE, at first in text mode or else in graphic mode if there is no choice.

But I need to shut down my server's NIC when I'm connected on ILO card because I can't go and physically unplug the cable on NIC.

This possibility would be very usefull for my server managment. Thank you for your help.

My best regards.
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Re: Disable NIC via RILOE


in fact I'm going to use a RILOE card but I have some ILOs to.

Thank you for your answers.
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Re: Disable NIC via RILOE

>> can I disable a host NIC using iLO/RILOE?

Yes. assuming Windows, open the Control Panel, Networking, and then right-click on the network selection and choose Disable. Choose Enable to restore.

For Linux, the commands are something like (rusty here) - correct me if I am wrong:
inetcfg eth0 down
inetcfg eth0 up
to restore.
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Re: Disable NIC via RILOE

... more:

You refer to text or graphic mode, so this is not clear to me...

You will be using the remote console capability of the iLO/RILOE processor to perform the operation. The methods I described are more or less native to the OSs. However, these do not disable the interfaces before the OS loads.
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Re: Disable NIC via RILOE

Hello acartes,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Maybe Have I not been clear about this problem (sorry, but my english isn't perfect) .

RILOE 2 has a DOS mode for management that should be usefull when your network connection is not enough to spend/recieve graphic mode. So I need to disable the network card when I am using this DOS mode... or else, if it is not possible, I will have to do this in graphic mode - what's not a problem without taking care about lost time!
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Re: Disable NIC via RILOE

Thanks for the clarification. iLO also supports a text-based interface throught the command-line protocol (CLP). You can access this using SSH or a serial connection where supported.

From the CLP, you have access to the virtual serial port which can allow you to use a text interface to the operating system. For Windows, this would be the Emergency Management Services (EMS) console (the SAC prompt), and for Linux, this would be a tty.

SSH -> iLO -> VSP -> OS serial console
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event