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Failed ILO2 BL460c

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Failed ILO2 BL460c

I have upgraded the ILO firmware from 1.35 to 1.43 which seemed to complete ok. However now the BL460C fails to power on.

Error on the OA
"An ILO2 Failure has been detected. Make sure you have a suitable iLO2 firmware loaded (must be at least iLO2 1.30)"

Any ideas? I have 6 Blades all with the same problem.

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Re: Failed ILO2 BL460c

What is the OA version on the Enclosure ?
Try resetting iLO once.
Try resetting the OA.

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Re: Failed ILO2 BL460c

The OA is 210
How do I reset the ilo? I cannot connect to it. Would the system maintenance switch do this?
I have rebooted the OA and chassis several times.

I found this item and this is the error I have but says I shouldnt as running greater than 130 on the ILO's

Thanks for that
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Re: Failed ILO2 BL460c

Can you browse directly to the iLO processors in the blades reported as having trouble by the OA? Normally, the iLOs would retain their previous network address.
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Re: Failed ILO2 BL460c

Is your system bios old? You may have to upgrade that first. You should be able to boot from the backup bios.

I'd try physically reseating the blades.

What is your OA version? How about the system BIOS version?