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ILO Remote Console access denied

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ILO Remote Console access denied

Thanks fro the peek. I am having an issue with an ILO on a DL380g3. ILO firmware is 1.51 and the OS on the box is w2k3. When I try to open a remote console window (dual cursor) I get "access denied" in my RC window. The status at the bottom of the screen is RC4 Secured.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

All suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.


Re: ILO Remote Console access denied

Hi Tony,

Have you entered the license key?


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Re: ILO Remote Console access denied

A few things to try:

- Is the RC already in use? If you look at the iLO Status page, it will indicate if the resource is busy. This could mean an orphaned session which will be reclaimed when the timeout occurs.

- Are you logging-in to iLO (as opposed to using the security override?) Try logging in.

- Does the account you are using have Remote Console privilege? You can check on the User Administration page.

- Try resetting iLO by clicking the "apply" button on the network settings page. Even though no changes are made, this will reset the Remote Console resource.
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Re: ILO Remote Console access denied

Hi There,

Thanks for the information. Ultimately, resetting the ILO using the network settings page (without changing anything) worked. Thanks again for the help.