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ILO Setup & Configuration

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ILO Setup & Configuration

Seeking advise on how to setup and access ILO
remotely on a DL360 with W2K3.
Many Thanks in advance!
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Re: ILO Setup & Configuration


your best best is the User Guide. Go here:
Select Technical Documentation, and then select "Manuals"

Basic setup:
During server POST, press F8 just after the iLO has initialised. Then set your network parameters.
Then you can browse to it. Default Login is Administrator (with capital A), the password is on the label stuck on the top of the server.
For many fucntions (including graphical Remote Console) you need the advanced pack license.

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Re: ILO Setup & Configuration

Also, if the OS is up and you are reluctant to take it down to configure iLO, there is a utility that can be run from within the host OS (Windows and Linux).

It is called the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility and is on the downloads page. You will need to have the iLO driver installed, and probably the management agents as well.

The utility uses an XML scripting language that is documented in a user guide. There are XML scripting examples as well.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event