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ILO2 - Directory User Context

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ILO2 - Directory User Context


I'm actually unable to login to my ILO via this kind of "login name": user (with a "Directory User Context" equal to

When I specify a "Directory User Context" with the full DN: "OU=Users,OU=XYZ,DC=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zz,DC=us" the tests run OK...

Any idea? I really need to use context less login to our ILO.

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Re: ILO2 - Directory User Context

Check your browser security zone settings, make sure "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe" is set to "Prompt".

God Bless!
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Re: ILO2 - Directory User Context

Good point...the problem was ActiveX.

I use Firefox as my main browser...since ActiveX is only on IE...

With IE, no problem.

But, why HP is using ActiveX ?!? Does that mean that I can't login to my ILO board (when they are Directory Enabled) via a Mac OSX desktop? Or any Linux Desktop? Or anything else than IE on Windows?!?

Bad...really bad... :-(
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event