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LO100 Virtual KVM & Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)

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LO100 Virtual KVM & Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)


has anyone recently tried to install Ubuntu 10.04 server via the LO100 Virtual KVM? When the textmode installer starts the output is garbled (only on Ubuntu, anything else I tried is fine). This probably has to do with vga modes, but I tried them all and simply can't get it to show the installer properly. I know this is an Ubuntu issue, but if anyone knows how to solve this, that would be great!

I already tried adding vga=771 to the boot options (as suggested on the net after searching a bit), but this doesn't work. I tried most other modes aswell, to no avail.



Re: LO100 Virtual KVM & Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)

Try vga=normal. If it's still a valid kernel srgument, try adding nofb to turn off frame buffers

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Re: LO100 Virtual KVM & Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)

None of those options change the result. I tried vga=normal, and almost all other vga= options, I tried booting with nofb, nomodeset. I even tried booting with all of those set. The screen is still garbled.

Any other ideas?
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Re: LO100 Virtual KVM & Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)

Okay, for anyone running into this issue - this is indeed a framebuffer issue. However, nomodeset/nofb etc doesn't work. You will have to pass 'vga16fb.modeset=0' as a boot parameter - this solves the issue!
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