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Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

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Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

Hi, if anyone have any idea on this I'd be grateful.

I've run into a small problem with our newer ILO boards. (Actually two problems)
First the config utility for mass-configuring boards no longer find the new boards, I'm uncertain whether this is due to a new bios version or something else ?

Secondarily I've run into a login problem, meaning if I access the ILO using its DNS name http://iloboard.mydomain.dns I can't login, I just get back to the loginprompt, however the password is correct since if I instead use the IP adress for iloboard login will work fine.
The strange thing is that the event log on the board only registers the successful login and logout attempts, the failed ones don't show up in the log at all so I have very little to go on ? (And to complicate things even more, login will always work in Opera, only IE fails to login)
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Re: Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

Underscores in hostnames side-effects like you describe with IE.

Verify that you do not use underscores in your DNS names. Instead, substitute hyphen.

WINS allows underscores, and iLO can be configured to accept them. WINS limits subnames to 15 characters, too.

It is a stretch, but still possible, that the problem also extends to the discovery using the configuration utility. You do not happen to be using directory integration, do you?

BTW, there are good details on Lights-Out hostname usage on the help page for Network Settings.

Let us know if this helps!
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Re: Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

If you do change the iLO hostname, you might have some name service cleanup to perform, such as:

- use an iLO hostname less than 15 characters for WINS and DNS compatibility.
- Correct the reverse-lookup
- Perform DNS zone transfer
- flushdns
- NBT flush
- reboot iLO. This causes iLO to re-register with the name services listed on the network settings page. You can make this happen hitting the "Apply" button on the iLO network settings page.
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Re: Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

Thanks, no there are no underscores in any names, we try to avoid those ;-)

There was also an issue of reverse dns lookups not working properly on that specific subnet, but configuring those still did not help solve the problem.

I have not found out exactly what is the problem but it now seems to be related to the dns rather than the board itself, I had the board removed from the old dnsdomain and put into another dnsdomain we use and then it works fine. It's easier to use the actual name than coming up with some celever "example", so... when the board is named it does not work, when it is named it works. I have both and in my trusted sites in IE so it should not be that I hope.
Accessing it via WINS name also works fine.
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Re: Loginproblems on ILO using DNS name

Btw, regarding the config utility, yes we do use AD integration, but that is atm not yet configured on the specific board(-s), since we would like to configure that via the utility rather than configuring some 256 boards manually if possible :-)

But we cannot even get the utility to detect the boards when scanning the subnet, however I must retry this now that we found and corrected the reverse dns lookup problems, I'll get back on whether that helped.
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