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ML370G1 did not recognise RILOE Card

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ML370G1 did not recognise RILOE Card

Hi, I tired installing a new RILOE II card into a ML370G1 today and the server did not pick it up. The card had power as the keyboard worked through the adapter but I had to use the onboard monitor rather than the one in the card. I tried both PCI slots and tried another RILOE card, but still no good.

Has anyone else had issues with ML370G1s?

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Re: ML370G1 did not recognise RILOE Card

RILOE-II whitepapers and user guides〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64179&taskId=101&prodTypeId=18964&prodSeriesId=397204

In particular
1.RILOE-II user guide
Refer Page 174 - Server PCI Slot and Cable Matrix

2.HP Remote Insight Lights-Out II Hardware Installation and
Configuration Instructions
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Re: ML370G1 did not recognise RILOE Card

Hello HeroHari,

Please check the support matrix for RILOE Card below and in case of ML370G it has to be installed in PCI slots 1 or 2

And if u r following the matrix then try a know a good pci card other than the one u have tried may be a nic card then it is possible that pci slot have some issue.

hopes this help

Thanks Regards
Sammy :)
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