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Network Error (tcp_error) when logging on to server using iLo

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Network Error (tcp_error) when logging on to server using iLo

Network Error (tcp_error) : this is the typical error whichis being faced my team when logging on to Domian controllers through iLo.

Let me explain you the scenario.
We have a member server(A)from where we carry on operations of managing DC's. We were recently told by HP Support to open port 23 in addition to 80 & 443 from A to the iLO. But for this iLo the port is still closed .

And I have found that we can login to DC thru iLo from the upstream DC of this DC (B)..But to let you know the port 23 is blocked here too.

So I dont suspect Port to be playing an issue.

& the error reads as " server very busy " But as I have told I can logon from other DC..

Can I get a solution to fix this .
pratap m keshava
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Re: Network Error (tcp_error) when logging on to server using iLo

Port 23 is for telnet. iLO allows telnet only when encryption is disabled and telnet is enabled in iLO settings.

You can try to access the iLO using SSH on port 22.
if this doesn't work try changing iLO settings by following method and access

open browser, in Administrator tab->Global settings->
Remote Console Port Configuration: select Enabled (telnet)
Remote Console Data Encryption : select no(telnet)

see the screen shot attached
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Re: Network Error (tcp_error) when logging on to server using iLo

The iLO port 23 is used for remote console, virtual media, and for telnet access if enabled. If you are having a port problem, the problems would manifest when you try to use those interfaces.

It is not clear to me if you are having problems logging on to the server, or logging on to iLO. Also, are you using Directory Services integration or Terminal Services pass through?