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Network boot with RILOE II

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Network boot with RILOE II

Using the Virtual Floppy image of a network boot disk I found the RILOE II is incompatible with EMM386. Does anyone have another solution to boot via the Virtual Floppy to a TCPIP network?

My as yet untried plan is to boot to the network then execute Symantec's Ghost program from another server to create recovery images of the server. Does anyone do this differently?

Your assistance is greatfully appreciated.
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Re: Network boot with RILOE II

That's right, just comment out the EMM386 line...
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Re: Network boot with RILOE II

That was already tried. The network appears to need more than the convention 640K memory to load.

Does anyone have a working network boot disk that works with the RILOE and can send me the configuration settings or the disk?

DOS boot with GHOST didn't work. Ghost's GUI was unable to load probably due to lack of memory. Any ideas?

Thank you.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event