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No video on Remote Console (RILOEII)

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No video on Remote Console (RILOEII)

I have just installed a RILOE II card in my server. Everything works fine, except for the remote console function. Telnetting to the machine results in a 'blank' screen with a blinking cursor.

The 'Server Status' page returns the following data:

Server Video Mode: 80 x 0 Color Text Mode

This seems incorrect and a possible reason for the console to malfunction. I'm running Debian on the machine, but that shouldn't be a problem. The card is detected correctly by Debian and is seen as a ATI Rage XL card. Connecting the monitor to the card also works like normal.

I have a few RILOE cards, version 1, version 2 and two iLo's, but I haven't had this behaviour before. So I have no clue where to look...
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Re: No video on Remote Console (RILOEII)

One extra note: the card came with Firmware 1.02. Since then I've upgraded to 1.16, but both version behaved the same way.
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Re: No video on Remote Console (RILOEII)

Hello Eric.

If you use a proxy in your internet browser settings, disable it then use the IP address instead of the DNS name.
Also, if your are not administrator of your workstation, it will be impossible to install the Java snap-in for the riloe. Launch your browser with admin privileges at least for the first time.

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