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RILOE II ProLiant DL380 G2

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RILOE II ProLiant DL380 G2

I have been trying to reinstall the OS (Red Hat EL 4) but the server will not boot from the Virtual CD-ROM.
The Remote Insight Firmware Version is: 1.21 (latest available)

Am I missing something?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: RILOE II ProLiant DL380 G2

Are you using Virtual DVD or CD? Is it media or iso image? DO let us know the size of the CD/DVD media/image.

Can you check in the server BIOS if that supports booting from USB? booting from Virtual media require USB support in the BIOS. If USB is listed in boot order it should support.

Also which is the JRE version of the client?
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Re: RILOE II ProLiant DL380 G2

The iLO client only lets you use Virtual CD (there is no sign of DVD support) or Virtual Floppy (both physical and iso).

The media is physical (there is no iso image option). The size of the physical media is 184MB (used) on a regular 700MB CD.

I checked the server BIOS and I don't see support for booting from USB. The boot order list only shows: Floppy Drive (A:), CD-ROM, and Hard Drive (C:).

The JRE version of the client is 1.6.0_12.

Any thoughts?
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Re: RILOE II ProLiant DL380 G2

Since BIOS doesn't support USB boot, it is not possible to use virtual media. Can you check if the BIOS version (date)? If there is a latest version available for BIOS which supports USB boot, you can upgrade the BIOS and use virtual media.

The image size doesn't matter in your case.

Alternative option is, you can place the CD in the server's CD drive (you need to have physical access to server!) and use the remote console to control the installation process.

It is recommended to use JRE 1.4.2 to access RILOE II.
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