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Remote Console is unavailable

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Remote Console is unavailable


I was trying to install a HP DL320 G2server which is located in remote end. When I access the remote console I am getting a message that" The Integrated Remote Console is unavailable, it is already in use by a different client.". I reset the network settings of the RILOE II to get rid of this message, But still I am getting the same message. I upgraded the firmware & still I am getting the same message. Rebooted the server several times!!!!. Please find the details of the RILOE II below.
Remote Insight Status
Remote Console: Available
Terminal Services: Disabled
Remote Insight Time: 05:19:36
Remote Insight Date: 01/11/2000
Remote Insight Keyboard Cable: Connected Internally
Remote Insight Mouse Cable: Disconnected
Virtual Power Button Cable: Connected
Auxiliary Power: Connected Internally
Firmware Version: 1.21
Firmware Date: 06/09/2006
FPGA Version: 17
Hardware Version: 1

Please help me to get rid of this message & proceed with the installation.


Re: Remote Console is unavailable

I don't know about this version of iLO but, as your server is remote, are you going through a firewall that is doing NAT? Does the remote console work fine if you are on the same network as the RILOE?

There was discussion about this for iLO 2 just recently:
which may be relevant to you too.
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Re: Remote Console is unavailable

Hi Simon,

This card belongs to RILOE II Family. The card is connected directly to the N/W, So there is not a Firewall in between.....


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Re: Remote Console is unavailable

Were you ever able to find a resolution to this? I'm having the same issue and still searching. The network is actually NAT'd, but what difference would this make if I can login to access iLO, but not remote console?
Thanks for any information.
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Re: Remote Console is unavailable

As an fyi to all, I was able to use the iLO "Acquire" feature to take over the unknown session.
iLO 8.30