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Remote insight mouse: disconnected

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Remote insight mouse: disconnected

We have HP proliant DL 370 server with ILO.
We got error message while logging into server through ILO : "Remote insight mouse: disconnected".
When we open remote console we can able to see the windows screen but we are not able to activate that window, event when we click ctrl+del nothing is happening.only screen freeze.

Any one have any idea, waht went wrong.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Remote insight mouse: disconnected

It seems like you have installed Riloe-II card on the server. Once Riloe-II card is inserted, iLO will get DISABLED. For Riloe-II mouse/key board to work, you need to connect a 30-pin connector from Riloe-II card to motherboard in the designated slot. The cable will be shipped with Riloe card.

If you need to use iLO, You need to remove the Riloe-II card. You need to set the iLO security override switch on the motherboard (switch 1, check motherboard cover). Reboot the server and goto F8 prompt during the server bootup (iLO ROM-BIOS interface). Modify the settings in ROM-BIOS to Lights-Out enabled, save and reboot server. You can change the security override switch back to disabled state once iLO is enabled.
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Re: Remote insight mouse: disconnected

Thnak Pratap,

But we didn't installed any thing on server.
There is ILO from long back in servers.
One more thing is we do have two servers which are in cluster and those two servers are throughing same error (remote sight mouse cable : dusconnected).

As we are supporting servers remotely we are sure what went wrong physically (like cables disconnected).

Is there any way to ensure that there is some problem phsically.
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Re: Remote insight mouse: disconnected

You can try to reboot iLO and check if the problem persists. You can goto Network settings page and press apply button. No need to modify any settings. iLO will reboot.

Was iLO working initially? When did the problem started to happen? What is the server model and iLO firmware version?
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