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Scripting issues on RILO II boards

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Scripting issues on RILO II boards

I downloaded the latest hponcfg.exe and xml samples. I pulled a sample from the RILO II guide. I have updated all drivers and firmware to the latest revisions and rebooted. I am running Windows 2000 SP4. I am doing this on the console through the ILO, not using terminal services.

I am getting the error now. Error: Could not open input file reset_pw.xml. The login user_login is the local server administrator account and password correct? I am trying to reset the local Administrator password account on all my ILO and Rilo 2 boards. I have an ILO script that does all the ILO's but trying to find 1 xml script that will do all of them, including the RILO II's.

Please help!!

Here is the script I am trying to use:


When I capture the configuration it is showing the password that I changed it do, but it doesn't actually let you login with that password. The old one still works.
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Re: Scripting issues on RILO II boards

The error "Error: Could not open input file reset_pw.xml" will be displayed when the file name or path is not correct. Please re-check the file name/path if you get this error.

Your script looks fine.
If you are getting "Script succeeded" message and return value zero when you execute "hponcfg /f reset_pw.xml", then the command execution is successful. The password must have changed.

If you want to have a common script for iLO and RILOE II to reset the Administrator password, then use the modified version of your script as given below. This should work for both iLO and RILOE II.

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Re: Scripting issues on RILO II boards

Will that script work with both hponcfg.exe and cpqlocfg.exe? Is there a tag missing in your script that should be specifying the local admin password to use? For example.

you only mentioned the USER_LOGIN portion. I just wanted to verify since I am getting errors on that tag when doing verbose logging.
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Re: Scripting issues on RILO II boards

Yes, you are right.
The tag should be

instead of
There was some mistake when copying. Sorry for that.

To clarify, I have attched the script.
This should work with both HPONCFG and CPQLOCFG. It should work with both iLO and RILOE II.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event