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Transferring an Advanced License

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Transferring an Advanced License

Hello all,

I am currently running tests on the iLO card in one of our ML370 G3's, and have been using a 30-day license - which has now expired. I have a colleague in another department who has several full licences, and I hope to install one to complete my tests.

My question (for reasons of politics) is: can I revoke the license once installed and return it to him when I have finished testing?

I know you're all thinking "why not hust buy a full license", but things are rarely straightforward here...
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Re: Transferring an Advanced License

The terms of the EULA do not permit iLO Advanced license transfers:

"You have a right to install and Use the Product on a single computer. The installed copy may not be transferred to or used on any other computer."

Regarding part of your question:
>>can I revoke the license once installed

The license key is erased from the server when you use iLO RBSU and select "Set Defaults."
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event