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Wilodbg.exe says that the file is available under this link

but it's not working, googleing for the file did give any results.

does anyone has this file? or know how to get it? thanks
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Re: Wilodbg.exe

Thanks for the reply, but I am still not able to locate the file.

Is is part of a package?
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Re: Wilodbg.exe

What's the file supposed to be? I know of no iLO-related file supposed to be called that.

CPQLOCFG = over the network iLO config
HPONCFG = host OS iLO config
CPQLOMIG = migrate to LDAP
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Re: Wilodbg.exe

WiLODbg Utility is NOW released(on 18th July)

download WiLODbg.exe For windows2003 from :

For more information on the utility;

Cheers !
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Re: Wilodbg.exe

FYI, WILODBG is a program that enables remote kernel debug through iLO 2. It is a recent feature added to iLO 2.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event