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batch rename ilo name

Occasional Contributor

batch rename ilo name

any ideas how I can batch rename ILO server name?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: batch rename ilo name


--> More iLO3 Documentation --> "HP ProLiant Integrated Lights-Out 3 v 1.05 Scripting and Command Line Guide, and
--> iLO Sample Scripts
Occasional Contributor

Re: batch rename ilo name

Do you know how I can set variables when running hponcfg from the OA itself?

I'm trying to rename all nodes but when I do something like:

"hponcfg 1a test.xml"

The server name becomes %hostname% instead of the defined variable.

Contents of TEST.XML

Jiri Konecny
Occasional Advisor

Re: batch rename ilo name

Don't know, if it helps, but we use modified RIBCL script Mod_Network_Setting.xml. Whole package of scripts can be donwloaded from HP Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample for Windows page (


Replace {{HOSTNAME}} and {{DOMAIN}} with your values.

This RIBCL script then put to following command on RHEL 5 OS:
hponcfg -f Mod_Nettwork_Settings.xml
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: batch rename ilo name

hponcfg has the commandline option:
/s namevaluepairs - Substitute variables present in input config file with values specified in "namevaluepairs"

is this what you are lokking for?