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cqplodos lockup problem

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cqplodos lockup problem

I am using RDP to run cpqlodos.exe with a configuration file and am having an issue.

When I run cpqlodos with the following syntax it will reboot the computer, apply the configuration and when it states "rebooting the RILOE ..." it will hang. I have to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL on it.

f:\deploy\tools\cpqlodos.exe /load_xml=f:\deploy\configs\BLP.RLO

If I add the syntax /VERIFY_XML to the end of the script, it will reboot but will modify the configuration only sometimes. It also does not generate an error on the screen. It appears that if you have reset the account at least once then it will work, otherwise it will not. This is not of help in our situation as we are needing to change the iLO password on hundreds of servers that we received and do not want to sort through all of the stickers to change it.

Please help.

Here is the xml file being used for the configuration.

USER_NAME = "user"
USER_LOGIN = "user"
PASSWORD = "newpassword">

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Re: cqplodos lockup problem

We have the same problem.
Did you fix the problem ?
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Re: cqplodos lockup problem

I did not get it resolved. I have moved on to other responisibilities but our company did just install RDP 2.0 and I believe the updated cpqlodos does not have those problems but I am not sure. Also there is a new utility that is run from within Windows, HPONCFG.EXE that will allow you to manipulate the ilo settings if you have a newer version of ILO.