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firmware upgrade gone bad

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firmware upgrade gone bad

During the process of upgrading an iLO firmware to 1.75, the transfer was interrupted.
I attempted again (successfully it seemed), but now, the only service running on the host is ftp.

% ftp lom
Connected to lom.
220 FTP flash recovery server ready.
530 access denied.
530 access denied.
KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type
Name ( ftp
530 access denied.
Login failed.

not good news it seems.

Is there anything that I can do with that ftp server to get the device again to a usable state (preferrably without physical access to the machine)?
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Re: firmware upgrade gone bad

You can try the following

ftp iloIP
Use the following username and password
User: flash
Password: recovery
then, mput ilo175.bin (in binary mode)

The iLO should upgrade the firmware
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Re: firmware upgrade gone bad

I have the same problem: the only service running on the host is ftp.

I've successfully flushed iLO as [pratap m keshava] said before with ilo193.bin but there is still no response from webserver on iLO.
Is power off/on needed after flushing?
It hasn't been done yet because it's Domain Controller...
Thanks in advance,
WBR, Andrew.
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Re: firmware upgrade gone bad

Have you checked if SSH or Telnet session is open in iLO?

If SSH/Telnet is open, then login to iLO by providing the iLO username/password.

Then type in the command prompt.
"cd map1". This will change to iLO directory.
then type "reset". This will reset the firmware. All open sessions will be terminated. You should be able to login after approx 1 minute.

Otherwise you may need to physically remove the power to the server and after a gap of about 30 seconds insert power cable back. Just restarting of server won't help.
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Re: firmware upgrade gone bad

thank you for reply,

there is no ssh/telnet response.
after power off (with removing cables) there is no ftp response, even no iLO prompt via POST process any more:(

can I try something else or it's a HW problem?

Re: firmware upgrade gone bad

If the flash failed, you will need to boot the server and use the offline version of the firmware from media

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