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iLO Hangs when trying Active Directory Accounts

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iLO Hangs when trying Active Directory Accounts

I have iLO, and iLO2s that hang, requiring complete power disconnect to reset, when using active directory accounts. I am using the default schema pointing to a fsmo server int eh domain. Weird things is that all our other sites work fine. I'm thinking the card is timing out waiting for a response.

Has anyone see this problem before?
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Re: iLO Hangs when trying Active Directory Accounts

Two suggestions:

check your DNS

If you are using a DNS name to specify the directory server AND there is a problem with DNS (for example, the primary DNS server is down), iLO will take a long time to perform DNS lookups, which impacts the performance.

Look at the iLO network settings and verify that the DNS servers are available and in the order that iLO lists them, which is the order they are looked-up.

Also, iLO 2 records the hostnames of clients used for access, which is also a DNS lookup, so this can also affect performance

I believe that current iLO 2 firmware has an update to improve upon the DNS lookup problem.

check the firmware version. ILO 2 v1.30 has some schema-free improvements for traversing nested groups.
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Re: iLO Hangs when trying Active Directory Accounts

Checked and all the DNS settings are the same as the working ilos; they are also at the latest firmware. I'm beginning to believe we have network problem at this site as they worked yesterday.

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event