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iLO ML370 G3

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iLO ML370 G3

I have downloaded the config program and seem to have the scripts working but cannot get any response from my iLO card.

I have a single NIC in the server, I have issued the Shared XML with correct password etc. The iLO doesn't respond at all.

It is detected and working fine as far as the System management web page.

No matter what command I issue I always get a blank log file.

I am trying to configure the card from scratch rather than having to go in to where the server is.
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Re: iLO ML370 G3

Which configuration program - HPONCFG (local: in-band) or CPQLOCFG (remote - network)?

Can you include a sample of the script you are using?
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Re: iLO ML370 G3

I am using the only program that I could find which is the CPQLOCFG one.

I have tried most of the sample scripts and my log contains nothing.

I have since discovered that I have a seperate ILO port and it is now showing up in DNS etc and has a DHCP address.

Even so and using its IP address still the scripts say nothing.

I don't have a note of what the original password is and I don't seem to be able to get anything to work.

Is the HP version of the program more likely to work for me perhaps?


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Re: iLO ML370 G3

The HPONCFG utility runs from within the OS running on the host. It talks to the local iLO. You can use it to configure the iLO, even without valid iLO credentials, since it runs from Administrator/root account on the server. However, the script must still have valid syntax, including a pair of login tags.

The CPQLOCFG utility runs on a client machine and can talk to any iLO on the network that it can see. However, to perform any operations, it requires a valid set of user credentials.

Can you include the (sanitized) .XML file that you are trying to use, as well as the command-line syntax and output?
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Re: iLO ML370 G3

I have managed to find the HPOLCFG.EXE version and have been able to add user/password.

Thanks for your help on this. It dug me out of a hole :-)

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