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iLO Mac Addresses

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iLO Mac Addresses

Hi, Could any one please let me help how to know the Mac Addresses of the iLO IP IP Addresses or cards.

Where to see the Mac Addresses of iLO Cards?

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: iLO Mac Addresses

Hi Prasad

It is on the cardboard tag attached to the server(ussually the back) with string.

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Re: iLO Mac Addresses

I am not sure if the iLO MAC is imprinted on the tag. That suggestion is being fed back to the manufacturing group.

You can get the iLO MAC address from iLO RBSU, and it may be available under the Server Status page under "Embedded NIC MAC assignment" if this is supported on the host.
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Re: iLO Mac Addresses

It is also provided on the HP System Management Processor home page if you are running the HP Management agents.