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Remote Lights-Out Mgmt (iLO 2, iLO, RILOE II)
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iLO firmware 1.81 recall

Matt Duncan_3
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iLO firmware 1.81 recall

Could someone please provide me with the web link to the iLO firmware recall notice for version 1.81. I've looked around on HP's site but all that I can find is a short statement on the 1.82 firmware that states taht HP will not support a system running version 1.81. In order to provide my Engineers with a complete notice I need to get HP's official recall statement which displays why it was recalled, when, what action is recommended, and what the consequences are for staying with version 1.81 (i.e. no support).
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Re: iLO firmware 1.81 recall

iLO 1.81 was never posted on the website for download.

It is remotely possible that some HP SAs got a copy of the firmware prematurely.

The statement in the 1.82 notes was added as a precaution.

There is no official recall notice because there was no official web release of that version.