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ilo and sim reports up/down

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ilo and sim reports up/down

I have 3 DL380G4's with ilo's set to fixed ip address.

my Systems Insight Manager continually reports that the iLO's lost connection then a few moment later they re-established connection. This happens sporadically throughout the day. When SIM reports OK, they are all accessible - when SIM reports not OK, none are accesible.

Jack lights, switch lights = ok. I've moved switches, changed ports, ping ok when sim says ok, plug device into same switch port and it never reports to sim as not ok, plug ilo in that port and constant ups/downs.

I just updated firmware to 1.89 and still have the issue. I've reset and reconfigured ilo 50 times already as well.

My NAS has a version of iLO as well and does not have these issues (DL100).

Any thoughts on what I can do?
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

We seem to have similar problem. We cannot ping the iLO from outside the subnet. However, once pinged from within subnet, iLO starts responding to outside requests as well. Very odd behavior. Looks like it goes to power save mode and being waken up only by local ping.

Another suspect is that ARP is not resolving MAC address but once cached on the router/switch it works well then.

We got this behavior on various Proliant servers with various iLO firmware level including latest 1.89. It happens in various offices/subnets within organization so I canâ t blame faulty switch/router. :-(

We start noticing this only recently, once we upgraded Inside Manager to latest version. However that may happening for a long time now.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

Checked the iLO setting, "Ping gateway on startup" (Network Settings)?
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

I did not have that setting checked, but I went ahead and checked it on one of my ilos.

Will see what happens, checking the box restarts the ilo so it should perform the ping then right away.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

I checked "Ping gateway on Startup" option but it didn't make any difference. MAC address is cached on gateway for 4 hours and, when iLO goes offline/sleep mode earlier, itâ s not accessible until local ARP request or gateway cache expires. Or at least it looks like this. Can iLO card go to power save mode?

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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

Same results here. Enable the ping on startup but still drops in and out.

I'm confused - here is what else I see:

When Insight Manager reports the iLO as reachable - I can load iLO directly by IP or name and port, I can ping by name or IP, I can access all its settings and make adjusts. I can also get to the iLO from the server management homepage. I can do this from the server itself or a remote console.

When Insight Manager reports the iLO as unreachable - I cannot get to iLO directly, I cannot ping by name or number and I cannot do this either from the server itself nor a remote console. However, I can go to the server's management homepage and use the link on it to get to iLO. Using this method, iLO is reporting as up and active and appears to be working. I can do this either from the server itself or the remote console.

My iLO has a fixed IP address. Just for kicks I set up a reservation for the IP address and MAC address in DHCP. Its showing fine in DNS. I have changed switches and switch ports. I have plugged other devices into the same switch/ports and don't have any issues reported. I have the latest firmware in the iLOs.

I'm seeing the same thing across 3 iLo's in DL380G4's. The "internal iLO" in a DL100 is not showing the same issues. I have swapped port/switches with it and a problem DL380 and the issue follows the DL380.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

Anyone with any thoughts? This is driving me mad.

Server 1 has ILO
Server 2 has ILO
Server 3 has ILO
Server 4 has ILO version

Server 1,2,3 are DL380G4's
Server 4 is DL100

Server 1,2 and 3 cannot access their own or each other's ILO's. They cannot ping their own or each other's ILO's either by name or number.

Many client PCs and Server 4 can ping and access all of the ILOs by name or number.

Tried both with ILO DHCP and static - no difference. My SIM 5.1 reports ILO's reachable/unreachable every 10 mintues.

Changed switch ports, verified lights, enable snmp pass-through, etc, etc.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

Hi Steve,
It may not be the case, but check to what switches your servers are connected to. Do you have any VLAN for servers? Are they connected to the same switch as iLOs? I cornered down similar problem to configuration incompatibility between iLO and switch. I donâ t say the switch is faulty or iLO is bad, they just donâ t work with each other. I plugged the iLO cable to another switch and problem ceased. I tried various config settings on switch/iLO, but none worked.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

It appears to have been an issue with HP Network Configuration Utility. I found a post somewhere that indicated a similar problem as mine and they said upgrading to the latest NCU solved it. It seems to have worked for me as well.

My ILO's were reporting an unreachable status then shifting to reachable then unreachable on a constant basis - since applying the latest NCU its been a few weeks and they have not dropped in and out at all.

I have a different ILO & SIM question that I will start a new thread on though. Its a similar deal where it reports one thing, then another, but its not the up/down.

Thanks everyone for the information you offered in this thread.
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

Now...Steve, how can the NCU have any affect on the iLO NIC performnace; these are two separate systems and are independant of each other?
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Re: ilo and sim reports up/down

This can occur if the iLO is setup to use shared port. I don't think this will fix the issue for those using the dedicated iLO port. I am experiencing the same problem and I have a wide range of models, iLO types, firmware versions and switches. Still looking for the solution. We even have a ticket in to Cisco.