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ilo3 "integrated console window" pops up extremely slow

Occasional Contributor

ilo3 "integrated console window" pops up extremely slow

We are using ilo/ilo2 quite well, while ilo3 is extremely slow when opening the "integrated remote console" window. It costs almost 1 minute from "clicking 'integrated remote console'" to "console window pops up". A "Launching Application" window is shown while waiting.

Environment description:
pc .net ver: 3.5.30729
pc ie ver: 7.0
ilo ver: 1.16
os of ilo host: MS windows

In the same environmentï¼ ilo/ilo2 seems faster then ilo3 in popping up the console window.

In our company, 50 or more people are using the ilo/ilo2/ilo3 system instead of terminal or KVM, so the performance(or User experience) is very important.
I want to know:
-Is it normal costing 1 minute to pop up "console window" in ilo3 ? How long does it cost you in the forum ?
-What is the best reasonable time cost?
-What is it doing while waiting? (performance problem of .NET?)
-Most of all how can I speed it up opening the Integrated-console? (I know that Java-remote-console is a little bit faster)

All the time-cost I mentioned means the time between "clicking 'integrated remote console'" to "console window pops up".

Thanks in adavance!!!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event