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Feature Request: Parse SWF's from HTML pages

Feature Request: Parse SWF's from HTML pages

Hey there guys and gal, great tool, if you plan on making any improvements it would be awesome if you could point it at a web page/site and have it parse out all the SWF's on a page and give you an option to then scan one or more of them with a quick click.

Also the error message you get when you point SWFScan at a web site thinking this feature is already there isn't all that clear either, but hey it's a free tool right?

Anyway, cool stuff!

Honored Contributor

Re: Feature Request: Parse SWF's from HTML pages

You are right about that odd message.  When trying SWFScan on http://zero.webappsecurity.com (no SWF present), it returns the following message pop-up.



Decompile Failed

The Flash Application was malformed: Malformed SWF Header.



I have passed your other suggestion up to Product Management.

-- Habeas Data
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