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Re: Checkpoint VPN access from Unix

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Checkpoint VPN access from Unix

I want to move my box from Windows to Unix but I need to configure a VPN to access to Internet.

As far as now, the VPN is managed by SecuRemote for Windows.

I have found an old Securemote release for Linux redhat 7.2-18, but this package is not compatible with my Unix box.

How can I solve this problem ?
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Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: Checkpoint VPN access from Unix

You can contact the support of CheckPoint.
In the following link you'll find several ways to contact them:

Simply ask whether your OS release is supported.

Manuel Wolfshant
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Re: Checkpoint VPN access from Unix

I had to resolv a similar task a few months ago. Unfortunately you will NOT find any help at CP for running Securemote on any recent linux. The only solution they provide is available only for linux gateways. At the time I had no control over the CP settings ( I only administer the other end of the VPN) and I had no choice but to use the Windows version of Securemote.

If you have control on both ends of the VPN, I suggest trying openswan. However, allocate lots of time for debugging and be prepared to modify the standard CP settings. First of all, you will need to switch to the the mode which makes CP compatible to the rest of the IPSEC implementations (rather then using its proprietary protocol). The theory says it does work in conjuction with linux and certificates.