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FTP in Linux

Mr Possibility
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FTP in Linux

Hello All,

I need a clue to resolve this issue and will appreciate your noble input.

I was give an FTP xyz to upload my graphic work to for quick access from the owner of the remote site
From root(#) I typed ftp ftp xyz; Login with the ID and the password created. I changed to the root directory where I have the file on my own Linux Box /root. Used the "put Filename remote" to uplooad to the said directory.
I was told the file or directory did not exist. I checked to be sure I have the correct file name and still have that same error message displayed

Kindly assist
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Re: FTP in Linux

what error message you got there.??

Ok. Is it you are trying as,

linux ( root ) ----> remote site ( user )

linux root # ftp
ftp> open user passwd
ftp> lcd /
so that it will go to / directory. But there is a possibility that we can not access remote site's root directory there. So keep the same directory and don't use cd there.

ftp> !pwd
It is local machine present working direcrory (pwd)

ftp> pwd
remote site presend working directory (PWD)

ftp> put /localdir/localfile

So that it will put the local file into remote site's on the same current directory as remotefile.

Easy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
Mr Possibility
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Re: FTP in Linux

I got to the ftp>. typed !pwd to get /root which is the location where I have files to copy to the remoote FTP

pwd displays "/" which i understand is the remote Present working directory

However I have this error message that no such file or directory exist after typing

ftp>put /root/filename xxx_yyy.Zip

help see what i am doing wrong

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Re: FTP in Linux

Your ftp is good and started working there.

ftp>put /root/filename xxx_yyy.Zip -->

can you try and what are you getting for this as,

ftp> bi

changing to binary mode

ftp> status

ftp> put /root/filename /tmp/filename
ftp> put /root/filename /filename

ftp> ls

Easy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
Jan Sladky
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Re: FTP in Linux

hello Mr.

try to start FTP client directly from dir where
your file{s} is located


try to use graphical ftp clinet like gFTP, midnight commander or something like this

br Jan
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Johannes Krackowizer_1
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Re: FTP in Linux

hi mr possibilty,

1. change to the directory where the file is local stored.
2. ftp
3. enter username and password
4. type "binary" to change to binary mode
5. type "put " this should put the local file to the remote machine

if this don't work:
a) try to rename the local file.

b) perhaps there are spaces or special characters in the filename so that you have to use " to tell ftp the filename includes spaces and special chars.
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