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Re: Installing HP-LX.

Luis Montañés
Occasional Contributor

Installing HP-LX.

I have installed HP-LX and when I reboot the system shows me the following:

localhost login:

then it desappears an appears another time:

localhost login:

then, without pressing any key, the system tells me:

INIT: Switching to run level 3.
Starting system logger: syslogd: Already running [FAILED]
Starting kernel logger: klogd: Already running [FAILED]
Disabling module loading/unloading
#hp-lx: Starting Applications

It remains waiting until I press Enter and then shows:

localhost login:

Now I can log on but in text mode (In the installation I have chosen the "Graphical login"). If I try to run "startx" the system shows me an error.

What is happening?

Thanks in advance.
James Wilson_5
Frequent Advisor

Re: Installing HP-LX.

Not an expert on HP-LX, but I would guess that X is not set-up correctly.

If you could provide the log file for X (usually in /var/log/) we should have a better idea....
Luis Montañés
Occasional Contributor

Re: Installing HP-LX.

Here is the log.

Thanks for your answer.
Andrew Cowan
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing HP-LX.


James is right, the log contains several driver errors. To correct this you need to login in text mode as root.

1. Check that the IP Address(es) and hostnames are all setup correctly, and are in "/etc/hosts", or DNS. You can do this using:
uname -a
ping hostname
ifconfig -a
cat /etc/hosts

2. I think that LP-UX is based upon Redhat Linux? If so use the "XF86Config" or "XConfigurator" commands to setup and test your video card and mouse etc. (If its Suse use "sax2").

Assuming that your display and mouse are supported you should now be able to do a "startx".

Good luck...
James Wilson_5
Frequent Advisor

Re: Installing HP-LX.

There appear to be a number of things not compiled into your kernel:
agpgart, MTTR and DRI/DRM.

These will all speed up your system and it seem that you configured DRM in. Try to disable DRM in XF86Config and if that fails try to run in framebuffer mode (fb)

Post your config file if you need more help....
Hal Rottenberg
Frequent Advisor

Re: Installing HP-LX.

A couple of points:

1) HP-LX 1.0 is based on RedHat 7.1
2) We didn't include all the drivers that RH included with 7.1 in our base install. It would probably be worth your time to stop troubleshooting the driver issue and first install the latest kernel patches from HP. The newer kernel rpms contain all of the drivers that RH does.

You can obtain those patches here:

Change the platform to Linux and the "search by" to Browse and click search. You will need patch HPTL_00025, 26 or 27, depending on your processor. Click on the patch numbers to read the documentation.

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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Installing HP-LX.

What is the licensing on HP-LX? Same as Red Hat?
Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation