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Linux Clustering

Ragni Singh
Super Advisor

Linux Clustering

Hi All,

Can anyone honestly tell me of a good book that talks about linux clustering. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Sergejs Svitnevs
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux Clustering

I think this is good start point:

Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux Clustering

Sun has a free product called Gridware(Gridengine?).

There is alot of docs, as well as GUI and cluster tools. Not really a book, but I found this definately worth reading. So good I have a Grid cluster running at a site now ;)

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Honored Contributor

Re: Linux Clustering


What kind of "clustering" you are looking for?

"HA Cluster" or "High Performance Technical Cluster"?

Balaji N
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux Clustering


what type of cluster are you looking at.

high availability cluster (similar to MC/SG on HP ) or a performance cluster.

if it is the former, see here


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John Meissner
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Linux Clustering

another company that we have been refered to (by IBM) is

If you are intending to use this for a production server I personally would not choose a freeware program to do HA (high availability or clustering)

Red Hat and SuSE also have their own packages for HA on their enterprise servers
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Re: Linux Clustering

Juha Vierinen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Linux Clustering


It depends on the aplication what kind of HA you need.

Steeleye for Linux is a good software cluster and HP Serviceguard for Linux is a good for hardware cluster. In Steeleye Cluster you dont need so much hardware as in Serviceguard solution.

So what kind of Cluster are you planning to have?

For Steeleye you only need for min ex. 2 x DL380 and 2 x Ethernet cards per machine (1 for heart beat and 1 for external connection) and Steeleye software.

I would recomend Steeleye for systems where you need good solution for good price. If you need more power and more uptime and secure hardware then the solution is HP Serviceguard for Linux. HP is supporting both ways.

Greetings, Juha Vierinen/HP Finland