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Mr Possibility
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Hello Guys,

I do not know what could be wrong but need your assistance.

I have a Linux box with squid Installed. All client's Ips on the system is expected to pass through port 3128 with the Ip addresses configured.

On each client connected through the the Linux, I have to set the internet Explorer to connect via this LAN setting for access to the net. I have done this and everything seams Ok.

However, I did similar setup for yahoo messengger on all the systems and some worked why about three out of the systems did not work.

I simply checked the port and the Ip address to be sure I configured the right thing which was confirmed correct.

I got a bit confused when I now logged in with my administrative priviledge and was able to use messsenger on the systems(3)Nullyfying if the problem is with wrong IP set on the Linux box. I revert back to the profile of the user and was still unable to use the messenger that was working fine on the same system!.

I thought may be the user's profile could be the cause. Changed to another profile, Logged in with same problem. I further created a Local administrative priviledge to log in to the local machine(Not to the network). I was able to use the messenger again. I feel their is a service responding to this. Why can't I use messenger with a profile but could use it in Adinistrative mode. All other systems are working with the user's profile. Why these three systems?

Will apprreciate your response. Regards
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Messenger

If Linux is the firewall, iptables can be used to provide yahoo messenger and all other services your internal network needs.

Google search(may need a tweak):

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Mr Possibility
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Re: Messenger

Hello, Its like you did not get my explanation . The IPtables is running and the squid. Other systems can use the Yahoo messenger with their individual account. The system that will not allow yahoo messenger are the ones am particular about. On those systems, If I log in with the Administrative password I can use messenger but if I log in with my user account, I can only browse the nnet but cannot use messenger even though I have set the port and IP address configured on the Linux Box which other systems are Using without problem. I feel the problem is local to the machine but do not know how to figure this out
John Poff
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Re: Messenger


I'm not a Windows wizard, but does the Yahoo Messenger run as a service on the Windows systems? If so, does it run as a System Account? I'd try comparing the properties for the service on a box that works with one that doesn't.

Johannes Krackowizer_1
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Re: Messenger


try the following tools to determine if there are other problems:


With this tools you can monitor what files will be accessed and which registry keys. Perhaps the messanger is not able to open a file needed or a registry key needed if you see in, for example filemon, that messanger could not open a file try to give the user rights on the file.

best regards

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Re: Messenger


I'm not a iptables specialist nor windows/messenger user but ....

To figure out if the problem is in windows or in the linux box you may look if the packages from the machines in trouble are arriving on linux.

Try tcpdump only on the wrong machine's ip to see if the packages regarding messenger access are arriving and what is happening with them. Are you logging packages denied/rejected by iptables ? If so, look also to the logs.