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Symantec Backup Exec RALUS agent fails in RHEL 5 AS


Symantec Backup Exec RALUS agent fails in RHEL 5 AS


Our Linux systems backs its data onto a syamntec backup exec server. (Windows Box) In order for this to happen Symantec has a beremote RALUS agent which enables the Linux server to talk to the Windows box therefore making the authentication to backup the data.

Seeing Syamntec S/W is so flakey and their support is hopless, I was just wandering if anyone has experienced this problem.

- dmesg
> beremote[21680]: segfault at 000000210000002c rip 00002b1d0bd97f2a rsp 00000000414017f8 error 6

- During Verification this Error occurs "The data being read from the media is inconsistent"
- The RALUS agent stops on the backed up server.
- Subsequent jobs running on that server, at that time, then fail with the error "End of data set was unexpectedly encountered" and the tape being used is set with "end marker unreadable"
- Additional Backup jobs then fail as the agent is no longer running.

We only have the one linux server.
We have 8 jobs set to run each night
If we only have ONE job running the same error progression happens as above