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HP Security Research OSINT (OpenSource Intelligence) articles of interest--July 7th, 2014

SR-FI_Team on ‎07-07-2014 09:46 AM

HP Security Research OSINT key articles of interest

How to Hunt a Chinese Army Hacker
The private firm, CrowdStrike, followed an alleged Chinese hacker's footprints and uncovered a detailed picture of a menace to U.S. businesses. 

The Rise of Thin, Mini and Insert Skimmers
Like most electronic gadgets these days, ATM skimmers are getting smaller and thinner, with extended battery life. Here’s a look at several miniaturized fraud devices that were pulled from compromised cash machines at various ATMs in Europe so far this year.

Estonian Internet Security Service - Annual Review 2013
The international situation is becoming increasingly tense and we cannot ignore what is happening in 2014 when we look back to 2013. The events that began in Ukraine in November 2013 resulted in a confrontation between Russia and Ukraine in February 2014, the long-term effects of which cannot be foreseen. What is clear, however, is that the results of this conflict will in one way or another affect the whole of Europe.


COSMICDUKE - Cosmu with a twist of MiniDuke
CosmicDuke--the first malware seen to include code from both the notorious MiniDuke APT trojan and another long-standing threat, the information-stealing Cosmu family. When active on an infected machine, CosmicDuke will search for and harvest login details from a range of programs and forward the data to remote servers, some of which were active at the time of writing.


Brazilian ‘Boleto’ Bandits Bilk Billions
With the eyes of the world trained on Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it seems a fitting time to spotlight a growing form of computer fraud that’s giving Brazilian banks and consumers a run for their money.


Lies, **bleep** lies and media: the largest cybercrime heist that wasn’t
The New York Times reports: Cybercrime Scheme Uncovered in Brazil. The very first sentence brings a shocking number: possibly US$3.75 billion stolen. But even if “only half” of that was actually taken by the criminals, says the NYT, “the scope of the swindle would eclipse any other previous electronic theft.” In other words, it would have been the largest cybercrime heist known to date.


PlugX –The Next Generation
At the end of 2013, a brand new generation of the PlugX backdoor appeared on the scene. Our first encounter with it was in a distribution campaign which focused on exploiting the popular Japanese word processor Ichitaro4, but other researchers observed the new generation from different campaigns.


JUNE 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report
In the month of June 2014, there were 3 top breaches that caused a loss of data within the range of 242,908 personal records. This is just one aspect of loss due to compromises due to criminal activities, as well as state actors today within the realm of hacking. This report is being presented to you to give insight into what is happening in the world today and this last month online and in corporations where information security is involved.


June 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics
Read this blogpost from, which aggregates the Cyber Attacks timelines of June into statistics.


A Spam Newsletter Caused A Bank Run In Bulgaria
It’s been a tense week in Bulgaria. Two bank runs occurred last week, with depositors withdrawing the equivalent of 10% and 20% of the assets held by two important national banks. An emergency line of 3.3bn Bulgarian levs (€1.7bn) was approved by the European Commission on Monday, and tensions in the country seem to have eased since then. The modalities and motives of this mini financial crisis are not entirely clear yet, but it seems to be deeply rooted in a long-standing domestic business and political feud


Terrorists’ Use of the Internet: A Symposium
Cyberspace is now widely recognized as a key strategic environment with governments, businesses and citizens facing a range of cyber threats from cybercrime and disruptive network attacks to emerging forms of destructive cyber arms. The significance of these threats will continue to rise in the coming years as more and more aspects of public and private life migrate online and dependence upon the Internet and digital networks grows still further with networked healthcare and growing numbers of smart objects such as vehicles and home appliances. The development of virtual currencies and emerging technologies such as three-dimensional printing will intensify cyber threat levels still further.


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