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HP TippingPoint DV Labs and ZDI Collaborate at Pwn2Own 2014!

spovolny on ‎03-10-2014 07:05 PM

Well I'm sitting here on a plane with a dead power generator, thinking about the next Pwn2Own having an aerial component.  PwnPlane 2015?  Ok probably not gonna happen as I doubt we'd get FAA approval. However, the topic of pwnage is fresh on my mind. In just a couple days HP's Zero Day Initiative will be hosting the annual Pwn2Own competition at CanSecWest in Vancouver, BC, which consequently, I am (hoping) to be headed directly to (yes I already asked the pilot if he tried turning it off and on again).


This year's contest again sets the bar at a new and thrilling high. ZDI is expecting record participation and record payouts as well as the introduction of a new category aptly named "The Exploit Unicorn."  Possibly more elusive than the mythical beast, this challenge involves leveraging numerous 0day vulnerabilities to achieve memory corruption, sandbox bypass and full security mitigation bypass (DEP/ASLR). The reward is an unprecedented $150,000.


Finally, to top off the excitement, ZDI has added a philanthropic aspect to the competition. Sponsors of Pwn2Own are allowed to bring their own 0days, demonstrating full control of a fully patched machine, and collaborating to donate all prize money proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross. HP's ZDI team will bring a fully weaponized exploit this year and, assuming it survives the dreaded patch Tuesday, will demonstrate the exploit and techniques at the sponsor event.


TippingPoint customers fear not!  We have you in mind as well :). Approximately 3 weeks ago, DV Labs shipped a signature to cover the vulnerabilities used in this unique exploit, and will be providing immediate coverage for all the bugs at the contest within the first DV cycle following the event. Stay tuned for more coverage. will be updated periodically with blogs, photos and videos between now and the competition, and in real time during the event. If it becomes necessary to hold a drawing to determine contestant order, we will also update the site in real time during that process. Follow us on Twitter at @thezdi, and keep an eye on the #pwn2own hashtag for more coverage.

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Steve Povolny is a Senior Manager for DVLabs Security Research and Development teams at HP TippingPoint.

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