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802.1X VLAN assignment - Radius

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802.1X VLAN assignment - Radius



I set up a radius authentication, my goal is:


When a user plugs his machine on the enterprise network, there is a machine authentication (for AD: domain computer group) on the RADIUS server:


- If the machine is in the AD group, redirects to VLAN3 radius (full network access)
- If the machine is not in the AD group, radius redirects to VLAN2 (restricted access)


Currently, I can do:


When a domain computer connects to the network it gets an IP address though VLAN 3 (no problem)

By cons when it is a machine that is not in the field, I do not have an IP address (it is placed in VLAN2)!

I do not know or I can define these settings, this is not authenticated when placed in a user-defined VLAN.


Ps: I’m working on HP Procurve Switch

I helped a lot of this doc:


thank you in advance

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Re: 802.1X VLAN assignment - Radius

Do you have a DHCP scope assigned to VLAN 2?