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Setting Zone relationships via CLI for the JG312A (F1000-S-EI Firewall)


Setting Zone relationships via CLI for the JG312A (F1000-S-EI Firewall)

Hi there,


I've been trying to move my way around the documentation that is up for this product and one of the things that the 2008 version of the document said was that you must use the web interface to set your zone trust relationships rather than the CLI.  Since I only really have a serial cable to this device and where its located, its difficult if not impossible to get a port 80 connection to the device (various other security rules, etc).


So, how do you set up a firewall via the CLI for real use?  Also, is there ANYWHERE example files of how to do various things via the CLI rather than the web interface?  Not using the CLI makes it difficult to use something like Rancid to pull your configurations and version control what you are doing on the device.


Additionally, I'm trying to see about configuring another interface other than GI 0/0 as an http management port but have been unsuccessful (I was told I have to get on 0/0 in order to authorize other ports via the web browser)... How true is all of this?