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Occasional Advisor and Procurve setting Priviledge Level

According to HP manuals for Procurve switches You should be able to set Privilige Level to either 1 or 15 giving you operator or manager rights for a user or Group. This is made by the command:


aaa authentication login privilege-mode


But the switch (e.g 3500 or 6600 switch) doesn´t acknowledge the setting "priv-lvl=1" setting on server. I am guessing the attribute name is different on Procurve but I am not able to find it.


Anybody who knows more on this?


Best Regards // Kristian Modess

Occasional Advisor

Re: and Procurve setting Priviledge Level



Apparently it partially reads the attribute "priv-lvl=1". If I login with a user set with priv-lvl=1 I end up in promt:




This is correct, but I shouldn´t be able to enter "enable" mode with the same user, but I can.


If i set "priv-lvl=15" I directly end up in promt:





So the only thing Procurve switches do wrong is allowing me to login to "enable" mode, even though I´ve set priviledge mode to 1.