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hp 5406 access list on VLAN


hp 5406 access list on VLAN



I have a Student VLAN and an IT Services VLAN


I wish to be able to TCP from IT to student, but do not wish to be able to TCP from Student to IT Services


I have tried using


access-list 101 permit source destination established


but this allows tcp in both directions, unless I have the syntax wrong or have missed something.


do I need to add things like gt 1023 or ACK,RST



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Re: hp 5406 access list on VLAN

You'll have to apply the ACL as "in" or "out" on a VLAN. I'd recommend checking out the ACL part of the Configuration & Management Guide for the K-series (HP 5400/8200/3500). I always refer to it when making ACLs. You can specify standard or extended ACLs, then apply them in different ways.