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5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem

Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem

I've just installed 5.1B pk3 on my ES40.
I've got C2 configured, and configured my ES40 as NIS slave server.

Problem: ES 40 does not see NIS template.
1) I can open up "NIS Templates" in account manager, but it does not show any templates there.
2) Nis users do not have ny NIS template on them.
3) When NIS user tries to change a password, it has diabolic 10-symbols system default one.

- ES40 does see NIS users & groups.
- NIS master is ES45, 5.1A pk3, everything looks OK
- NIS client AS2100 4.0F does see users, groups and templates perfectly OK.
- Earlier, the same ES40 was 5.1A pk3, NIS slave, perfectly OK.
- AS1000, 5.1B pk2, NIS slave - NIS users&groups are OK, NIS templates missing.
- In all above cases, C2 was configured on all systems.
- Historically, I was running NIS&C2 on 4.0D, 4.0F, 5.1A on the same servers - it was OK.

It looks like 5.1B has a problem with C2 & NIS & Templates.

Any ideas?
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Re: 5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem

Prior to V5.1B PK3, there was a problem with trying to list NIS templates (at least). This is true even of patch kits with a -t option for edauth -- it didn't really work. On my V5.1B PK3 system, 'edauth -tg1N | grep :u_istemplate:' does the right thing, though. There is a problem now with getting 'edauth user' to work if the updated record contains a ":u_template=otheruser:" field, though 'edauth -stN' was happy enough with it. I can't speak to possible problems with NIS templates on V5.1B PK2 or any V5.1A patch kit, though.
Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: 5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem

2 Ralf Puchner
- I've seen Your question from 31 Oct only when i opened my thread for assigning pionts to Spider Bordman, after that Your question disappeared again! Now I cannot see it in forum. Looks like bug...

The question was:
"NIS template" is NID domain or NIS databse?
Answer - neither of both.
On a server running NIS & C2, in Account Manager, You can switch between views on:
- Local users
- Local groups
- Local templates
- NIS Users
- NIS Groups
- NIS Templates.

This last "NIS Templates" are the subject.

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Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: 5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem

2 Spider:
On NIS Slave, 5.1b PK3, I've run
# edauth -tg1N | grep :u_istemplate:
- It looks OK

I've run
# edauth -gN borcheva
- Looks OK, too.

Bout Both Account manager and sysman -> accounts -> NIS accounts doesn't show NIS templates.

I've registered the case:
ID# 1203055194 and Case title: COMP. AVON.SOFT. TRU64.
on this question.
I'll provide more details, if You ask me to.

The fire follows shedule...

Re: 5.1B PK3 NIS templates problem


My V5.1B BL24 system (whichever PK# that is)
shows me NIS templates fine in the appropriate view in dxaccounts, but it fails to show me local groups. It shows NIS groups just fine. As such, I'm not sure what's going on with dxaccounts and what it displays. Just so you'll know, once the case you've entered percolates through the call-handling systems, it will probably be owned by the dxaccounts/usermod folks, based on what we've seen here.