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Clear ldap password histroy

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Clear ldap password histroy

How can I clear the previous user password history in ldap so I can reuse it?

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Re: Clear ldap password histroy

Are you referring to the Password History field in the SM operator file?


If you want to disable it permanently for all users, there is a checkbox in the System Information Definition record.

 - System Navigator: System Administration -> Base System Configuration -> Miscellaneous -> System Information Record

 - Access the Password Standards tab within the Passwords tab

 - Uncheck the field labeled: Keep Password History

 - Save changes and logout


If you want to clear the field for an individual user, consider using the RAD Debugger in the Windows client.

 - Login as a SysAdmin and access the relevant operator record

 - Open the RAD Debugger (Window menu -> Show View -> Other... -> RAD Debugger)

 - Execute the following command: x cleanup(pwd.history in $L.filed)

 - Save changes to the operator record

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Re: Clear ldap password histroy

Sorry, LDAP running on UNIX for UNIX server logins.

Re: Clear ldap password histroy

The password history for a user defined in LDAP will be stored in the LDAP Server so the procedure will depend on the LDAP Server you are using.




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Re: Clear ldap password histroy

My quick fix. I deleted my account and re-added it. It then let me put the old password back.