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Converting to shadow password system.

Amit Gohil

Converting to shadow password system.

Hi All,


I wonder if you can help. Ive been asked to build a server for one of our applications however i am having issues with converting to a shadow password system.


We have done this before and it works fine.




There is currently no /tcb folder


/etc/shadow not found


I have so far done the following....


1. Installed the ShadowPW bundle. See below..


# PHCO_27035                            1.0            shadow.h cumulative patch
# ShadowPW                              B.11.11.03     HP-UX 11.11 Shadow Password Enablement Product
  ShadowPW.SHADOW                       B.11.11.03     Shadow Password Enablement
  ShadowPW.SHADOW-MAN                   B.11.11.03     Shadow Password Enablement Man Pages


2. i then try to the pwconv file in order for the /etc/shadow file to be created.


I get the below error but...


sytema:/: pwconv
The system is not yet in trusted mode.
Use pwck to list any problems with the password file.
After fixing all problems use SAM to convert to trusted mode.

Ive searched everywhere and have had no luck trying to resolve this. Any help is greatly appreciated.





Amit Gohil

Re: Converting to shadow password system.

if i then use sam to make the system trusted and then run the pwconv command. i get....

sytema:/: pwconv
Updating the tcb to match /etc/passwd, if needed.

but i need the system to have an /etc/shadow file.
Amit Gohil

Re: Converting to shadow password system.

Have now managed to get the /etc/shadow file created.

Copied another version of the pwconv command off another server.

Now with the /etc/shadow file the server wont allow me to logon. Always get access denied. DOnt know what the problem is now.