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Re: Error while starting KWDB -q4 with -p option

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Error while starting KWDB -q4 with -p option


I wanted to have the q4 started with -p option so that I can extract my symbols using the perl script. It is giving the following error when I executed "kwdb -q4 -m -p /stand/vmunix /dev/kmem"

warning: q4 could not read $HOME/
warning: Can't exec perl without a startup script
warning: and a perl executable

I have installed perl "perl D.5.8.2.B Perl Programming Language".

any idea on what am I missing?
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Re: Error while starting KWDB -q4 with -p option

The q4 perl startup script. As the warning indicates you need both the script and Perl installed -- you have Perl, now just write yourself a script named and put it in your home directory.

Here's an example script for you - but since you may have different locations for the Q4 perl libraries (and different scripts) make sure you check your locations before you use it:

# $Revision: $ $Date: 95/04/06 18:46:59 $

# Sample Q4 startup file for use with Perl.

# Search a private per-kernel Q4 library.
push(INC, "/usr/contrib/Q4/lib/q4lib");

# Uncomment this to search a private per-user Q4 library.
#push(INC, $ENV{'HOME'}."/11i");

# Uncomment this to search a system-wide Q4 library. Specify the
# absolute path
#push(INC, "/usr/contrib/Q4");

# Pull in the main routines.

# If you want to Include() some favorite files every time (so you don't
# have to type Q4 "include" commands at the start of every session),
# this is the place to do it. Here are two examples:


# Enter the main loop. (You'll get a prompt after initialization is
# complete.)
# Note: There's is no return from the main loop so this should be the
# last step in this file.
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Re: Error while starting KWDB -q4 with -p option


thanks a lot for your response. On similar lines I found a script at /usr/contrib/Q4/lib/q4lib/ I used this as the at $HOME dir and things worked well.