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HP-UX ldapux integration with SHA256 password authentication

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HP-UX ldapux integration with SHA256 password authentication



I have a HP-UX 11.31 ldapux client 5.01, my ldap server is OpenLDAP on CentOS 6.3.  I have the ldap client working for password authentication using a crypt password.  I can not get it to work with a SHA256 password.  Does anyone know the format of the SHA256 password for HP-UX?

Solaris for example uses: 

$Algorithm Identifier$SALTSTRING$HASHfinal

... with an optional rounds=X$ prepended to the salt if you specify a custom number of rounds in the crypt.conf file.

I have added to /etc/default/security   the CRYPT_DEFAULT=5 entry and LONG_PASSWORD=1

I have also loaded the PHI and LongPassword depot packages.  The most frustrating thing is I have not been able to find a SHA256 password integration document for HP-UX.

Has anyone ran across such a document?