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IPSEC and Windows 2003 Certificate authority

Frequent Advisor

IPSEC and Windows 2003 Certificate authority

We have got Itanium box running HPUX 11.23 and we want that any Windows user who connects to our HP Server to communicate t via IPSEC and IPSEC to obtain certificate from a Windows 2003 CA.

this project is necessary to meet an external audit requirement that all passwords are encrypted when transmitted over the network

Can you please let me know how I can configure IPSEC on HPUX Server to obtain certificate from windows certificate authority

To test I was able to secure FTP session between windows PC and HPUX Server using pre-shared keys.
But the HPUX IP SEC Admin Guide does not give much information on how to obtain certificates from the CA
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Re: IPSEC and Windows 2003 Certificate authority

I have not found the solution yet