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ISEE Instants are not flowing out

Regular Advisor

ISEE Instants are not flowing out

Hello all,
I have installed ISEE in an rp-5430,but I am not able to receive any instants in the console
The following I ensured,
1.Connectivity to I am able to browse the site,even I can browse yahoomail.
2.Patches --I have installed all the 10 recomended patches
3./etc/hots entry
4.Online diag is above the recomened level
Custome have a firewall in the site.Access to internet is through port 80
will it be sufficient for isee packets to flow out ??
Any suggetions will be highly appreciable
Raneesh Vijayan
Regular Advisor

Re: ISEE Instants are not flowing out

The problem was with the security policy in the customer firewall.Re-defined it now connectivity has established.

Raneesh Vijayan