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Limited logins on Tru64UNIX

Limited logins on Tru64UNIX


We have enable enhanced security on Tru64UNIX.

We have found that only about 25 users are able to login in to the system.

The system then does not display the login prompt, and users just hang, yet those who are already logged in can continue to work.

It seems to be running out of some resource.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks Andrew
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Re: Limited logins on Tru64UNIX

Hi Andrew,

there isn't a specific limitation of current connections about Enhanced security.

Can you post the version of TRU64?
Can you find any errors in the /var/adm/messages?

By default, when you enable the enhanced security, the user passwords expires.
Can you check that the problem it's not this one?

Alexey Borchev
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Re: Limited logins on Tru64UNIX

1) maybe, system run out of PTY's?
see how many PTY's You've got in /dev/pts,
see man MAKEDEV

2) Inspect errorlog: sysman -> monitoring&tuning -> view events.

3) Inspect at system logs:

4) If You've configured auditd, then see audited events.

The fire follows shedule...
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Re: Limited logins on Tru64UNIX


No limitations on users when the system has been enabled with enhanced security. The passwd changes when you convert to enhanced security mode.

aslo check the maxusers kernel parameter
never give up
Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Limited logins on Tru64UNIX


there is no error message when additional user try to login?
I can not imagine that there is a maxvalue so little. In s standard config file there is already 32. But check with sysconfig -q proc.
Not enough ttys should bring the error alle telnet ports in use when trying to login.