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Login Problem


Login Problem


My server is a hp-ux 11.0 box in trusted mode. It is not allowing to login any users except root. When any user try to login it says login incorrect. The problem is for all user except root. There is no error in pwck and grpck. Can anybody give me some input to solve this problem.


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Re: Login Problem

is there a file named /etc/nologin ?
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Re: Login Problem

Is the date set correctly on the box?
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Re: Login Problem

Can you give some more information.
How do you log on ssh or telnet.
on which runlevel ar you. command is who -r

what does syslog say.

grtz. Mark
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Re: Login Problem

if the
NOLOGIN=1 line is enabled in /etc/default/security file and if there exists the file /etc/nologin the the system will not allow nonroot users to login
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Re: Login Problem

NOTE: if the NOLOGIN is in effect, you'll get this message:

"Only superusers are allowed to login at this time due to the presence
of the file /etc/nologin and NOLOGIN option set in /etc/default/security

Have you actually *looked* at /etc/passwd?
Are the user entries still there?
Have you looked at a tcb entry for a user?
# cat /tcb/files/auth/b/bobv

# pwck -s -l

What happens if you set the password for one of these user accounts as root via
# passwd user
Can the user then log in ?

Also, show "etc/pam.conf" and "/etc/pam_user.conf"

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Re: Login Problem


What shell is the default for all the users ? Checked /etc/shells ?

I had a problem similar but the other way around only root cannot setup ftp connection because root uses's shell is not in /etc/shells