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Maximum Number of Unsuccessful Login attemps

Frequent Advisor

Maximum Number of Unsuccessful Login attemps

There is a parameter in the TCB of a trusted system called u_maxtries which gives the maximum number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts before locking the account.
I believe that a failed "su" to the account does not count as a failed login.
Is there a way to cause an account to lock after a specified number of failed "su"s?
Honored Contributor

Re: Maximum Number of Unsuccessful Login attemps

Not sure at 10.20 probably not as su logins are stored insulog.

At 11.xx things may have chnaged see PHC0_16127 or its latest equiv and u_numunsuclog .... though I've yet to dish the dirt on exactly how it works ... I'm still looking ... anyone else feel free to add to this it's not really my area .