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Minlen password C2 TRU64 5.1A

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Minlen password C2 TRU64 5.1A

Hi all,

i've installed a new ds20E machine
with tru64 5.1A (no patch kit yet).

i've configured the Enhanced Security and now
the choosen password (option 4 to pick the password on passwd) minlen it's set to 9:

arinsal.tsm.inet> passwd user
Old password:
Last successful password change for user: Thu Feb 10 18:04:29 CET 2005
Last unsuccessful password change for un25410: Thu Feb 10 18:27:07 CET 2005

Do you want (choose one option only):

1 Pronounceable passwords generated for you
2 A string of characters generated for you
3 A string of letters generated for you
4 To pick your password

Select ONE item by number: 4

You have selected:
To pick your password

New password:
Password must be from 9 to 80 characters long.

Illegal password, try again.
New password:

i'm trying to change this value (minlen 9) to 8, but i can't find where is the default value.

I search into this file:


I find the u_minchosen set to 0.

Where is the 9 default value configured?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Minlen password C2 TRU64 5.1A

Hi again,

i think i find the solution:

When the value of minchosen is 0 the default value it's set by the Green Book convenion (ej. 9)

I've set this value to 8 and now works fine!

It's that correct?

Thanks all.
Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: Minlen password C2 TRU64 5.1A

Yes, if you set the minlen to 0 it defaults to the US DOD requirements, aka the "orange book".

For information on all of the fields see "man prpasswd" and "man default". To display the contents of the default and the auth (user specific entries) databases you should use the edauth tool (see "man edauth") or the GUI.

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Re: Minlen password C2 TRU64 5.1A

Hi all,

i hope this topic help another people.

Thanks all.